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Itinerant exhibitions

Cicle Tributo – Phase I: Henry HORENSTEIN (EEUU) “Animalia” 
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Animalia Animalia Animalia

Tributo was conceived as a cycle composed of an international new works by leading contemporary thinkers, artists and exhibitions, installations, settings and publications, which pay homage to nature.

Artists and thinkers through their works and stories have tried to reflect the unlimited power of our essence as a species, as a planet and as a system. Professionals who have worked from enriching sights to add awareness to our actions and encourage reflection on the great opportunity to be co-creators in this time and space that we have to live in harmony with our environment.

Animalia Animalia Animalia

Tribute to nature is an initiative of:

  • Tierra de Exploradores: Earth Explorers: civil partnership that seeks to broaden the knowledge and preservation of cultural and natural heritage, providing scientists, artists and explorers a field of development, advocacy and linkage with society. The Institution, with over 9 years of history, produces avant-garde art exhibitions and international reach, who think about environmental issues and cultural identity. For more information visit:  www.tierradeexploradores.org


  • Art in Lobby, lovin´ arts: Organization dedicated to producing outstanding displays of visual artists in unconventional spaces and promotes business activities related to art.

  • Embassy of the United States of America in Argentina, Cultural Department.

With the support of:

  • Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina (AmCham)

  • Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Environmental Protection Agency.

Phase I: Henry HORENSTEIN (EEUU) “Animalia”- November 2009

Horenstein is an artist reference in the field of contemporary photography. He has published over 30 books of his work and "Animalia", the latest title is what motivates the presentation of his impressive work in the city of Buenos Aires, under the Guidelines in Argentina Tributo Cycle. Henry is a professor at Rhode Island School of Design and one of the last samples are presented in the Art Gallery of Harvard University.


  • Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 of November: meeting the press.

  • Wednesday November 4: Exhibition of photographs from the series "Animalia" by Henry Horenstein in the context of private Released in Argentina Tributo cycle. Exhibit of 15 photos and 2 vertical information panels. The catalogue of the Cycle will be distributed. To attend this event will require prior accreditation (info@artinlobby.com).

  • Thursday, 5 November, 11 hours: Opening of urban intervention gigantographies series "Animalia" by Henry Horenstein (Plaza San Martín, corner of Florida, Buenos Aires), under the Guidelines in Argentina Tributo cycle. 14 photographs will be mounted horizontal and 6 information boards with details of the sponsors. Promotional postcards of the Cycle will be distributed.

  • Friday, 6 November, 18.30 / 20.30: Horenstein present his series "Animalia" (Tribute Phase I of the cycle) in the framework of "Fotocharlas" organized by the Centre for Documentation, Research and Publications (Cedip), Recoleta Cultural Centre . Junin 1930, City of Buenos Aires.

By Andrea Juan, curator of the show in Argentina (*)
The series "Animalia” of American photographer Henry Horenstein invites us to look with new perspective. With his lens that captures essential and distinctive elements of animal species on land and sea, in a game he proposes for us to rediscover. Performing a thorough analysis of its forms and often playing with abstraction, the images have a striking effect, almost fantastic.  The figure without is environmental space suspends the animals without time, in a deep profound silence, in mysterious ways that invite the unequal experience of appreciating each detail. “Animalia” conforms Phase I of Tributo cycle that with the work of Henry Horenstein, promises a successful launch in Argentina

(*) Andrea Juan holds a Licence in Visual Arts. As an artist with a proven track record in the country and abroad. In 2007 received a grant from the Government of Canada and formerly the New York Guggenheim fellowship, UNESCO in France, Antorchas Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts. Did her residencies at Art Omi International Art Centre (New York), University of Quebec (Canada) and the Cultural Centre of Vienna (Austria). In 2004 began the "Antarctica Project" by video installations and performances on the Antarctic continent.

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