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Trapped at the end of the world
A film by Eduardo Sánchez (Digiart)

Trapped at the end of the world Trapped at the end of the world Trapped at the end of the world

The documentary “Trapped at the end of the world” tells the story of an almost forgotten Argentine, José M. Sobral. It narrates his life and the Antarctic epic which he lived in his youth, back in 1902. This is a document on the first scientific expedition, not a conquering one, which took place in the White Continent and it entails one of the most amazing episodes in the Antarctic Conquest. As part of the times known as “heroic”, the story relates Sobral’s life as an explorer, conference speaker, student, father, geologist, petrographer and consul.

This documentary was shot in the same places where the story took place, the Antarctica, Sweden, Norway, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia and Gualeguaychú, interviews to Argentine and foreign historians, Sobral’s children, as well as children and grandchildren of other expedition members and Antarctic researchers, historical photographs and documents of those days nourish this film. Trapped at the End of the World is a story about coexistence in limit situations, a narration of adventures, an epic of the survival of the human being, the beginning of the Argentinean presence on the Antarctica and the rescue of a story long forgotten.

Duration: 58 minutes (translated version)
Support: DVD

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