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Š Silvina Enrietti - Tortuga pintada - Pcia. Buenos Aires
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Paintings and Installations by Paula Senderowicz
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A fragment of a great wave with small peepholes in the surface that allows to see the other scenario in its interior, of a floating box in the immensity of the darkness.

In the exterior landscape the volume of the wave seems to over cross the limit wall of the room. The colour blue is primary bright that glows according to the variations of light. The piece invites to penetrate in its forms and contemplate the internal landscape that is composed in another scale.

The word tsunami comes from the Japanese (TSU: port or bay, NAMI: wave), entered our vocabulary with a disaster, with the infinite amount of information about the tragedy, there is emerging graphic icon, the famous wave of Katsushika Hokusai (Japan, 1830-1832). The image freezes the beauty that lays danger, investigates the question concerning the nature, who continues playing indomitable and we still waking thoughts of the sublime when we recognize ourselves helpless and fleeting.
Through holes in the surface of the landscape, the eye spy, explore the details. The model reproduces inside a shelter with wooden frame, translucent, floating and reflected on the water surface in a kind of free zone.
Free zones are transitional areas where goods are not controlled or taxed by the payment of taxes. It is not allowed to inhabit, there are no geographic boundaries or cultural controls, yes freedom of criteria. At the heart of this wave, there is a small space for intimate immensity. Above the wind, down the water, the water vibrations dominate the emptiness.

Tsunamis Tsunamis Tsunamis


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