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Fase II del Ciclo: “Encuentro Polar”

Fase II del Ciclo: “Encuentro Polar”

Art | Exhibition.
Again with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Argentina, through their Cultural Section and with the support of AmCham and the Agency of Governmental Environmental Protection of the City, the ONG, Tierra de Exploradores and Art in Lobby present Phase II of the cycle: “Polar Encounter” an exhibition that invites to reflect regarding such a current theme as the change of climate from the perspective of Jane Marsching (USA.) and Andrea Juan (Argentina).

The director of the Cycle is: Veronica Willenberg, President of the ONG Tierra de Exploradores and CEO of Art in lobby, organising entities of this incentive.

For more information, download Phase II: Polar Encounter in PDF 1,03 mb>

Anuncio de un nuevo dinosaurio argentino

Science | A new Argentine dinosaur.
In the near future we will present the results of the amazing investigation carried out by the Argentine palaeontologist Sebastián Apesteguía, a scientist member of Land of Explorers.


Art | Festival.
With Andrea Juan, artist member of the Association, we will participate in the International Festival Ear to the earth that will take place in October 12/20, 2007 in New York City.

Art | Welcome.
We welcome to Land of Explorers Adriana Groisman and Guillermo Srdodek-Hart as artists members of our Institution.

Science | 2008 Year of Planet Earth.
The Argentine Committee for the implementing initiative “2008 Year of Planet Earth” , presented this project to the Argentine Museum of Natural Science on September 5, 2007. The declaration was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly  by a joint presentation of IUGS and UNESCO. The goal is to create conscious in world wide level, of the great potential Earth’s Science have to contribute to have a safer, healthier and prosperous society.



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